Honeypot is a clinically tested expert intimate hygiene wash for women. With a pH of 3.5 it helps maintain the pH balance in the intimate area and helps prevent irritation, itching, and dryness. The parent company RHR medicare wanted to develop the brand from scratch. Logo, packaging, marketing material, visual aid and the website. The look had to be cohesive pan media and the overall appeal had to be womencentric, soft, caring and clinical in nature.

Creative Solution:
The process started with the logo design that visually indicated hygiene and self care. All the products are liquid in nature (gel and cream) hence a wave of care was created with a heart. A strong design element that differentiates the brand from others is the long drop that extends from the last alphabet to the area of application which indicates soft and gentle care. The benefits and the nature of the product are placed next to the drop stream making the unit compact and informative. The overall look is classy and mature. Soft pastle shades were used to differentiate the categories.